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Associação de Capoeira Corpo e Movimento

The associação de Capoeira Corpo e Movimento (Association of Capoeira Body and Movement) was founded in 1980 in the city of salvador, Bahia, Brazil by Mestre Angola (Antônio Albino Soares). Mestre Angola learned Capoeira from his teacher Mestre Vermelho (Mauricio Lemos de Carvalho) who was a student of the late Mestre Pastinha.

Ten years later, he had a handful of seasoned graduate students who began teaching Capoeira ind the same way a number of Mestre Angola’s students continue to teach and promote the art and traditions of Capoeira in the same manner in which they had been educated. following is a list of associação de Capoeira Corpo e Movimento academies worldwide:

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (Mestre Angola)
Fort Lauderdale FL (Mestre Pelé)
Santa Catarina, Brazil (Mestre Dende)
Paraná, Brazil (Mestre Besouro)
Hollywood, FL (Professor Sula)
Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA (Contra-Mestre Jim)
Milwaukee, WI (Professor Prea, under the direction of Contra-Mestre Jim)